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2020 Babies

2020 Babies for Sale!!!

We have several outstanding yearlings that will be started soon (Nov 2021). Most all of them will be available once they are broke & started on the barrels!!!

  1. Fire Water Thriller: Palomino stallion by FIRE WATER FLIT x TRES SEIS daughter — message for info
  2. The Waspp: Buckskin stallion by Frenchmans Guy x Fire Water Flit daughter — $35,000
  3. A Classy Goodbye: Chestnut mare by The Goodbye Lane x Tangys Classy Peppy daughter — $30,000
  4. Guys Make Me Blush: Bay mare by First Down French x Blushing Bug daughter
  5. KM Lil Bit Famous: Sorrel mare by PCR Swiftly Famous (Tonka) x Flos Jody